The course offer information and measures for the protection of the devices against viruses, Trojans, spies’ software and other threats.

The course focuses on the staff responsible with employment in different organizations. The course will contain the methods to receive/collaborate/train/work/promote a person with cancer. Broadly the guide will contain following parts:

-Psychological and sociological needs of people with cancer in the work environment; 

-The restrictions and capacities of people with cancer in the work environment;

- The advantages of employing people with cancer in work environment;

- Role of physical environment; 

-Role of the other employees in work placement.

 The role of this course is to increase the employability of the person with cancer.

The aim of the module is to increase the basic understanding about psychological problems of persons with cancer, about distress and how it affects the social and the professional life of persons with cancer and their caregivers; to offer basic skills needed by people working with people with cancer and dealing with people in distress and empower the patients

Provides general information about: What cancer is; How diagnosis and treatment work; How cancer affects people's lives and those caring for them: their relationships, employment and lifestyle.