The main activities of the project are:

1. Designing the project website and the project identity;
2. Designing the learning platform;
3. Research about Learning trough Social Networks in partner countries;
4. Designing Interactive learning training materials;
5. Adaptation of the Interactive Learning and training materials to the country context regarding the right examples, images and technical terminology used on the field of lifelong learning;
6. Recognition of non-formal and informal skills acquired on social networks;
7. Creation if "circles of trust" and the EU network;
8. Conferences on project outputs for dissemination purposes in partner countries;

During the development of the project, 4 transnational project meetings will be held. The approach consists of the following stages:

-realize a analyze for the real situation regarding the use of social media for learning in partner countries;
-offering professional information about cancer and the impact of living and working with cancer by using ICT tool and social networking;
-design a model for the social integration of the target group at EU level, the network of "circle of trust" .

The main expected outcomes are:

-A report about Learning trough Social networks in partner countries;
-Interactive learning ;training materials about Living and working with cancer adapted to the partner counties;
-A report about the Recognition of non-format and informal skills acquired on social networks;
-An EU network of “circles of trust” for people with cancer and caregivers; a learning platform.