Institutul Postliceal Phoenix

Adresa: Cluj Napoca, Strada Aviator Badescu nr. 27, Romania

Contact: Mihaela Vonica

Telefon: +40 721 225585



Institutul Postliceal Phoenix (IPP) is an NGO, situated in North-West Romania, working at national level.

Until 2006 the main activity of the organization was the postsecondary education in the following fields: creative advertising strategy, advertising agency creative team (Copywriter, Art Director), Applied Modern Languages (economic or legal bilingual translator ) secretariat (manager assistant bilingual / trilingual - operator office), accountant, applied informatics (computing and networking equipment technician).

Since 2006 the organization provide adult training courses, qualifications/specializations for the following occupations: Art director, DTP- designer, Web designer, Graphic design, Human resources inspector. It also offers modules in word processing, data bases, graphic design, multimedia and Internet skills. Most of their activities have targeted vulnerable groups: disabled people, Roma minority, young people from placement centers, people from rural areas, migrants and unemployed people. During the period 2008-2015 the organization has developed Phare, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig and European Social Founds projects with the purpose of increasing the social and professional integration of vulnerable groups from North-West, Central and South-East Regions of Romania. An important result of the exchange of best practices accomplished during the EU partnerships was the development of the Moodle-based e-learning environment in the Adult Education department. In 2008 and so far the organization has coordinated three consortia in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program. The main purpose of the projects are to help the people to open and to empower their own business and to increase the number of the Romanian entrepreneurs.

Since 2013 the organization creat the Oncosupport department in order to help the reintegration of people with cancer in the social and profesional life, providing: ICT courses, nutrition courses, psychosocial support activities, occupational therapy. The activity of the Oncosuport department is voluntary.

Through his employers, the Coordinator organization has a great experience in working with people with cancer. The project team was involved, for 2 years, in the ESF project "Multiregional network for integrative therapy, counseling and social reintegration of persons diagnosed with cancer " ( developed by Patronatul Medicinei Integrative.
During the project a Regional Center -"Oncosuport" for people with cancer was open in Cluj-Napoca.

The association is founder member of Cluj SMEs Business Women Patronat, Romanian Accreditee Trainer Organizations Patronat and Integrative Medicine Patronat.